NEMA is the largest U.S. trade organization representing manufacturers of products used in the generation, transmission, distribution, control, and end-use of electricity. Many of NEMA's 350+ standards have been approved as American National Standards or adopted by the federal government.

NEMA XR 28-2013
$152.00 $76.00
Identifies uniform and standardized manufacturer's information provided to users of a CT scanner. Th..
NEMA XR 29-2013
$66.00 $33.00
Identifies four key features of CT scanners which contribute to or help perform optimization and or ..
NEMA XR 31-2016
$162.00 $81.00
Offers healthcare providers a reference to identify key features which contribute to enhanced patien..
NEMA XR 5-1992 (R1999)
$189.00 $95.00
Provides test methods for assessing the properties of focal spots for medical diagnostic x-ray tubes..
NEMA XR 7-1995 (R2000)
$45.00 $23.00
Defines electrical and structural test requirements of high-voltage cable assemblies and receptacles..
NEMA Z535 Color Chart
$198.00 $99.00
Provides printed examples of safety colors for information and use with ANSI Z535.1 through ANSI Z53..
$169.00 $85.00
Details Published: 2008 ANSI: ANSI Approved ..
Programmable Motion Control Handbook
Provides a complete resource guide to motion control technology, products and applications compiled ..
The International Electrotechnical Commission and the U.S. National Committee of the IEC (USNC/IEC)-A Practical Guide
Provides a general overview of the IEC to assist individuals in learning more about the internationa..
User Guide to Product Specifications for Electrical Building Wire and Cable
Lists commonly used electrical building wire and cable and the applicable US standards recognized by..
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