NEMA is the largest U.S. trade organization representing manufacturers of products used in the generation, transmission, distribution, control, and end-use of electricity. Many of NEMA's 350+ standards have been approved as American National Standards or adopted by the federal government.

NEMA ICS 10-2010 (R2019), Part 3
Identifies important safety considerations for residential use of transfer switches. Details Publis..
NEMA ICS 14-2007
$82.00 $41.00
Provides technical information related to the installation of electric fire pump controllers. It is ..
NEMA ICS 14-2010
$82.00 $41.00
This Application Guide is intended to provide general guidelines for the proper application of fire ..
NEMA ICS 14-2015
$90.00 $45.00
Provides technical information related to the installation of electric fire pump controllers. Intend..
NEMA ICS 15-2011 (R2017)
$89.00 $45.00
Facilitates movement, handling, installation, and maintenance of electric fire pump controllers at t..
NEMA ICS 15.1-2012
$90.00 $45.00
Provides practical information concerning the general technical considerations in the installation o..
NEMA ICS 16-2001
$315.00 $158.00
Covers rotational electric servo and stepper motors and their power requirements, feedback devices, ..
NEMA ICS 19-2002 (R2007, R2011, R2016)
Provides guidelines for representation of devices on diagrams and drawings in a standardized manner...
NEMA ICS 2-2000 (R2005)
$170.00 $85.00
Provides general requirements for manual and magnetic controllers. Covers requirements for magnetic ..
NEMA ICS 2.3-1995 (R2008)
Contains instructions for the handling, installation and maintenance of motor control centers rated ..
NEMA ICS 2.4-2003 (R2012)
Identifies features, conventions, characteristics and attributes of magnetic contactors and thermal ..
NEMA ICS 20-2009 (R2015)
$90.00 $45.00
An informational and comparison document regarding various industrial equipment topics frequently en..
NEMA ICS 3-2005 (R2010)
$83.00 $42.00
Applies to ac general-purpose contactors and Class E magnetic controllers rated 2001 to 7200 V, thre..
NEMA ICS 3.1-1997 (R2003)
$159.00 $80.00
Contains practical information for architects, electrical engineers, contractors and maintenance per..
NEMA ICS 3.1-2009 (R2014)
$175.00 $88.00
This guide applies to AC medium voltage contactors and Class E controllers rated 1,501-15,000 V, ins..
NEMA ICS 4-2010
$71.00 $36.00
Applies to one-piece, or modular, or two-piece terminal blocks with screw-type, screwless-type, or i..
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